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A five-star rating on Amazon! About the Exam The AP Geography course deals with the patterns and processes that effect humans understanding and use of the earths surface. Spatial concepts and data are used along with landscape analysis. AP Human Geography Vocab. Aphg Exam Vocab. Awesome collection of vocabulary terms and definitions for your exam review. Hundreds of AP Human Geography vocabulary words, divided into 9 units. Rubenstein Vocab.  AP Geo Vocabulary Lists for each of the 14 chapters. You'll find all of the elements of the curriculum in the new document we've just provided much more explicit information about what students should learn in the course, what you'll need to teach, and strategies for instruction and classroom assessment. Topics include: 1.) Geography 2.) Population 3.) Cultural Patterns Processes 4.) Political Organization of Space 5.) Agriculture Rural Land Use 6.) Industrialization Economic Development 7.) Cities Urban Land Use The AP Statistics Exam format is: Multiple-Choice Section: 60 minutes -75 Questions Free-Response Section: 75 minutes -3 Essay Questions The multiple choice and the frq sections each make up half of the final grade. For details, watch this video. The AP Human Geography course and exam including the curricular requirements and exam format have not changed. If your course is currently authorized through the AP Course Audit, you will not be required to revise and resubmit your syllabus. A fantastic resource from Martins AP Human Geography site. Rubenstein Vocab Flashcards.  This huge set of vocabulary flashcards is great for exam prep. A total of 334 terms. More sets for specific chapters and topics are here. Rubenstein Text.  Great AP Human Geography multiple choice practice from, an Introduction to Human Geography by James Rubenstein. Pick your chapter and then click on Concept Review to start your practice test.