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Mar 5, 2014. An informal letter to a friend refusing an invitation. You are writing to a friend and so you can expect to use more informal language. I just had a look at this essay before the exam, and when I got the similar questions tried. I am sure you do not reject my request because a person who is a tour leader undoubtedly likes travelling. In my opinion Roodsar Forest is a perfect option to spend one-week vacation there. Letters, letters, a Letter to a Friend by Marcia Bueno, read other essays by Marcia Bueno, february 15, 2001. Dear Marcela, I'm so exited about your visit. There are at lot of different fun things to do here.

Invite a friend to join you for your next vacation. Please say- What are your plans? - Why do you want to travel with him/her?- Why do you think he/she will like it?

A Letter to a Friend by Jociene Felipe Read other essays by Jociene Felipe. Dear. Marileide,. I decided to write this letter because you don t know anything about. Go straight on 2.300 east, until 3300 south you well see a 7 eleven on your right turn left go to the fourth light, my house is on the right. See you in four weeks. Jan 14, 2015. You have just spent a week with a friend on holiday. Write a letter to your friend. In your. Which is a linking device for formal essay writing.