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The Ready to Tear World of Vintage Paper Dresses Modern Kiddo

It became a thing. I would find 5 or 6 of them on d Greek Paper Dress Magnate would inevitable outbid me and win ALL of them. I kept a mental tally and I swear this guy accumulated about 45 of em in a short period. How fun/funny to put your dress in the recycling bin instead of the clothes hamper? Recently there have been several touring exhibitions of paper dress collections. There was one at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and there is one currently in Melbourne at the Chadstone Shopping Center. Then it was 70s 8-track tape players. The list is endless, I wont bore you (today anyway. Heh). S0 a while back I was fascinated with paper dresses. I tried to buy one on eBay but some crazy Greek bidder was literally buying every single ONE. Most of them were composed of Dura-Weve, (similar to a Fed Ex mailer!) which was cellulose reinforced with rayon. They were still more fragile than cloth, however they were not likely to rip at the slightest move.

Many paper dresses featured Velcro closures, adding to the space-age mystique. Paper dresses were even the cover story of Mademoiselle magazine in 1967! In terms of how much pow you get for your pennies, the paper dress is the ultimate smart-money fashion!

Pop art boomed in the 1960s, with artists ironically mimicking advertisements and other pop culture. 1970s, psychedelic themes prevailed in the 1970s, with neon colors and intricate designs making their way into art prints. Materials for Vintage Art Prints, the material the vintage art is printed on should not be overlooked. Some types of material, such as cheap poster paper, can easily tear or break down, such as from sunlight exposure.