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The best way to fix the Social Security system is to. The failure to fund the Social Security system properly has resulted in a situation where the system will go bankrupt in the relatively near future.

Smart people use this strategy all the time in their work to forecast weather events, anticipate how citizens will cast their votes, or predict how a patient will respond to treatment. Do the laws impose adequate penalties for those who use guns to commit crimes? What effect has the current state of gun laws had on society? Should it be easier or more difficult to obtain a gun, and why or why not? The privatization of the system is the best way to ensure the futures of Americas senior citizens. On immigration: Immigration laws have certainly resulted in a situation where many illegal immigrants live and work in the United.

CliCK GO. Whereas a cause and effect essay explains why something works as it does or why it came to be what it is. Can you point to this essays Thesis Statement? It could be something happening in the present that is hard to explain - like environmental, economic or social changes. People even use Cause Effect essays to predict what might happen in the future - such as what is most likely to happen in terms of political, climate or population changes.

You would be right to think that a Cause Effect essay is similar to a Persuasive essay because they both argue for your opinion or interpretation. What makes this essay different is the narrower focus on looking into the causes (what made/makes something happen) and the effects (the thing that happens). Let's Get to It! Instructions, answer the following questions in short phrases (not full sentences). Do not use periods / full stops (.) You can see an example. Click the "Build a Thesis" button when you're finished.