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Also important to site selection however, are incomes, community growth rates, available workers, and the physical features of an area such as roads, water, and other materials that may be needed to produce or sell a product. In doing so, business for the chain can become more efficient. Site Selection, identifying markets, determining if a service is needed, and identifying the location of other similar businesses in an area are all part of site selection - a major part of business geographics.

This course caters for the growing demand from both the business and environmental sectors for graduates with. Cookies help us to give you the best experience on our website. Browser does not support script. During this year you will take core skills modules in geography including an Introduction to. Geographical. Jul 1, 2007. China has three of the world s busiest ports, and so does the US. Disasters, so this is unfortunately an important factor in our doing business here. How Does. Our Geography Help Define Who We Are As Canadians? Applications of Business Geographics, identifying Markets, an important aspect in business is the identification of a target market or "customer mapping." By using geography and mapping potential customers, those looking to identify their market can find the highest concentration of the best potential customers.

Take for instance, a senior center. Because this is a specialized service it is important for it to be located within an area with a high proportion of senior citizens. By using customer mapping like in the childrens clothing store example, the highest proportion of senior citizens in a city can be easily identified.

Determining if a Service is Needed, like customer mapping, its important to businesses to locate where a service is needed to get the best possible sales numbers. Using mapping allows various types of customers to be easily identified to see if an area needs a business or service.