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Questions for Ballad Writing: Ballad Poems, asked by, anonymous on 28th May, 2009, asked by, anonymous on 29th May, 2009, asked by, anonymous on 30th May, 2009, asked by, anonymous on 30th May, 2009, asked by, anonymous on 31st May, 2009. There are also many traditional English ballads about Robin Hood, which would be sung by wandering minstrels the opening of the Disney film, robin Hood is a good example. "http www." Ballad Writing: Ballad Poems, as part of the Junior English poetry unit called, american Odyssey, you will be writing a ballad about the exploits of your traveling team. (The answer is Oer the land of the free and the home of the brave!) Can your class think of some refrains from songs they know? A ballad has an, aBCBrhyme scheme.

Ask your students to make up a tune for their poems to turn them into songs. A ballad uses an iambic rhythm, which means the second syllable out of every two is stressed. Ballads contain a lot of dialogue. Action is often described in the first person, two characters in the ballad can speak to each other on alternating lines. Sequences of "threes" often occur: three kisses, three tasks, three events, for example. Get the class to think of a refrain that could be used to help tell the story. Split the class into groups, and give each group a section of the story. Often have verses of four lines usually have a rhyming pattern: either abac, aabb or acbc (usually the easiest to rhyme) repetition often found in ballads entire stanzas can be repeated like a song's chorus lines can be repeated but each time a certain word is changed a question and answer format can be built into a ballad: one stanza.