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Travel and Tourism Management ucas Personal Statement

I have always believed in the value of preparation when attempting to achieve goals. For this reason I decided to take a gap year, during which time I have been completing further study and gaining professional work experience to prepare me for the demands of a degree in tourism. Combined these will help you to gain an understanding of the operation of the private and public sectors and the interactions between them with respect to tourism. Assessments will cover individual and group practical sessions, presentations, written assignments, learning logs and evaluations.

Travel and tourism degree course overview, the modules you study in year one will develop and build the knowledge and skills you require to work effectively in the industry. This initial introduction will set the scene for the course and introduce you to the tourism phenomenon through the core concepts involved. My time at college was enjoyable and informative, I studied Tourism at A level, and was taught by teachers who really knew what they were talking about. The course covered a wide range of tourism and travel aspects, and also gave me a introduction to business knowledge. The degree will give you the skills and experience that employers are looking for, and will help you to understand the principles essential for successful tourism management. You will study a travel and tourism management degree through a range of modules and analyse issues that are up to date and vocationally relevant, making it ideal for anyone who wants to work for tourism. What I really liked about it was that it was part academic and part work experience, which I felt gave me a good rounded knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Overall the work experience I have completed so far has really made me appreciate the breadth of subjects that tourism encompasses, from economics and the environment to management and marketing, and this has in turn given me cause to look forward to the multi-disciplinary content of a tourism degree. However, gaining work experience in the travel industry has been the most rewarding part of my gap year so far. Since September I have been working for a specialist travel agent that offers tailor-made holiday experiences.