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The Swiss Family Robinson Summary and Analysis - Free Book Notes

Father and Fritz went back to the wreck for supplies and took with them all the animals they had left on board. The two dogs, which they named Juno and Turk, would be guard dogs, the cow would be good for milk, the sheep for wool, the donkey for travel and the chickens for eggs.

Mother planted roots for lemon, apple, and pear trees. The more the Robinsons explored the woods, the more they found things that would make life easier. They soon discovered some kind of wax berries which they melted and made into candles.

They decided that neither one of them thought it was Gods will for them to return but to stay on the island, New Switzerland, and that two of their sons should leave to Switzerland.

The whole crew and captain had deserted their ship only to perish to the sea. The only ones remaining on board was the Robinson family. When the storm was over, they discussed about how to get to shore. It was only a few months later that after the family and Jenny had finished their day of work, they fired off their guns as a shout of triumph, that from somewhere on the island came three gunshots, as though in answer.

They even found a huge salt cavern! The cavern was big enough for them and their supplies, so they moved in, for the rainy season was coming fast. They built stables for their animals, a canoe, and a loom for Mother. Fritz had been on an expedition when he had discovered a note tied to a bird's leg. The note stated: Save an unfortunate Englishwoman from the smoking rock! Fritz had decided to go on an expedition in search for the Englishwoman in distress.

During his excursion, he found the girl. She intended on living with them. The family was delighted to increase the size of their family. With the assistance of another, the burden from the chores was greatly decreased.