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Intuit Statement Writer and Financial Statement Designer overview

Creating financial statements from QuickBooks data can be a tricky endeavor. Yes, its easy enough to choose. Reports, Company and Financial, and then, profit Loss as long as you dont mind account numbers embedded into your. Intuit does it again. Intuit Statement Writer (ISW) was already a great tool for accounting professionals and was named an Awesome AddOn last fall by The Sleeter Group. Now, with suggestions, requests and feedback from accounting professionals, Intuit makes ISW 2011 even better. Thanks! Intuit Statement Writer is included in all versions of QuickBooks Enterprise. Since only the Accountant edition has an Accountant menu, in the other editions its located in the Reports menu. Since you can create a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and numerous other reports with QuickBooks already, you may wonder why you need ISW. QuickBooks standard reports often do not meet the needs of you or your clients. Continuous Page-numbering, you can indicate where to start the continuous page-numbering (i.e., you can skip page numbering on the cover letter and report and start on the Balance Sheet). ISW Information Center, there are numerous videos and resources to help you with ISW. Clients really appreciate the added value, while youll appreciate the way ISW enables you to do these tasks very efficiently. The new enhancements in ISW 2011 include: New Report Designer, easily manipulate accounts with an easy, drag-and-drop method for customizing statements. A third-party application called. Using ISW allows you to create custom statements and reports only once and then you can reuse them for future periods or for other clients. After you customize your statements and documents, the template is memorized; all you have to do is simply refresh it to reflect the current numbers.