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Have a global structure with themes arranged in a way that allows for a logical sequenc.

What are the strengths and limitations of the method used and data obtained? Be careful to ensure that any methodological criticisms are justified and not trite. Rather than hunting for weaknesses in every study; only highlight limitations which make you doubt the conclusions that the authors have drawn e.g. Furthermore, the levels of dependency of depressed clients mean that transference is more likely to develop. Using Research Studies in your Essays Research studies can either be knowledge or evaluation. If you refer to the procedures and findings of a study, this shows knowledge and understanding. When you have finished the first draft of your essay you must check if it 'flows'. This is an important feature of quality of communication (along with spelling and grammar). This means that the paragraphs follow a logical order (like the chapters in a novel). It would be useful at the beginning of each paragraph if you explicitly outlined the theme being discussed (.e.g. Cognitive development, social development etc.). Try not to overuse quot;tions in your essays. However, reading and planning will make the essay writing process easier, quicker, and ensure a higher quality essay is produced. Now let us look at what constitutes a good essay in psychology.

The main criterion is that benefits must outweigh costs. But benefits are almost always to humans and costs to animals. Animal research also raises the issue of extrapolation. Can we generalize from studies on animals to humans as their anatomy physiology is different from humans? When you are writing an evaluation paragraph use the PEC system. For Example point ) It is argued that psychoanalytic therapy is only of benefit to an articulate, intelligent, affluent minority.