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How long does this tutorial take? This tutorial takes approximately 3-5 minutes. What does this tutorial cover? When should you use a database like Academic Search Premier? How do you conduct a basic search? How can you refine your search? How do you limit to peer-reviewed/scholarly journals? How do you limit by date? When viewing the search results. What's the difference between html and PDF format for articles?

What does the FindIt (SFX) button do? How do you print/save/email articles? What other keywords could I use to search? What information do I need to cite an article in a bibliography? How do you search for images? What are the technical requirements? This tutorial requires the free Macromedia Flash (version 5 or higher) player. What if I still have questions after the tutorial? Want to see a Sneak Preview? Screen shots from Academic Search Premier Tutorial - Click images to view larger size. About Credits Library Instruction. Accuracy: try to find the same information in more than one place, if possible. Detail: provide as much as possible. If you know how many thousands of people smoke, tell us the exact number, don't just say "thousands smoke." Adequacy: Figure out which are the most important points in your arguments and support these in the most detail.

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