Tips on writing a research paper in college -

Writing a Research Paper at Colleges and Universities

After youve finished an outline, dont hesitate running it by your instructor. Tip #4: Alway back up your claims and assertions with strong evidence. You must support the claim made in your essay with evidence.

Your essay should be organized around the thesis. Within the thesis, state your claim and the evidence used to support it. Use language from your thesis in the topic sentences of each supporting paragraph. Begin every essay by developing an outline. An effective essay is always well-organized. Its very difficult to effectively organize an essay without a good outline. Its not necessary to develop a detailed outline since your ideas might change as you conduct research and write the essay. Tip #9: Dont plagiarize. Never commit plagiarism. Youll more than likely receive a failing grade and risk formal school discipline. Plagiarism occurs when writers use others work without properly citing it. Tip #2: Make sure to come up with a topic that is a good fit for the assignment. Students often select unoriginal essay topics. Set yourself apart from other students by choosing a unique topic. Tip #10: If youre struggling, get help. If you struggle with college-level writing, seek assistance from your instructor or peer tutors. Most schools contain peer tutoring centers, and instructors make themselves available to answer student questions during scheduled office hours.

However, if supported with scientific evidence, this can be an effective example. Tip #5: Write a stellar introduction. Good essays contain catchy introductions. Consider using an interesting story or shocking statistic to capture the attention of your audience. Do not use outdated or irrelevant sources and refrain from over citing a single source. Likewise, refrain from listing sources that are never used in the essay since its dishonest. Do not hesitate using more than the minimum required for the assignment.