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GWU Strategy Formulation Implementation-Best Buy Case

Accenture Consumer-Driven Innovation Survey: Playing to Win. The AXA/BlaBlaCar liaison is a great example of working with non-insurance partners in a larger ecosystem to provide a customer-centric experience that anticipates customer needs. Next week Ill tackle the last fundamental element insurers must adopt to succeed in the future: developing an ecosystem. Insurers know this: 83 percent believe digital technologies will transform the way they interact with their customers. Fifty-nine percent expect to be challenged by online service providers, and 57 percent say the same about aggregators. Almost half (47 percent) want more online interactions with their insurers, and only 15 percent are satisfied with their providers digital experience. Moreover, 49 percent of P C customers have already bought insurance online, and 52 percent would like more access to online channels at all stages of the insurance cycle. For more information download the report: Capturing the insurance customer of tomorrow: Three key questions to guide success. Here are some other reports that may be of interest: Accenture Digital Innovation Survey: Seizing the opportunities of digital transformation. 1,023, share, like, download

Digitization is the application of new data and technologies to existing business processes to reduce cost or improve effectiveness. Digitalization goes far beyond that, taking a customer-centric view of the organization and using innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences to create new revenue. While it enhances efficiency, digitalization is essentially concerned with seeking new opportunities for generating customer value, often outside the traditional business model, customer experience and industry norms. Our research shows that leaders recognize that they cant just look digital; they need to be digital.