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My First Service Learning Project - Essay by Felixessay

The work that is done by students helps the community and at the same time saves them money. This will take the place of work that needed other paid workers and it will save time for the community to do other work.

This effectual activity continues every Saturday until the week before our graduation. I have attended this for seven times and I have taken advantage of this to fill up the forty-hour time I need in order to graduate. Service Learning not only gives students an opportunity to be helpful to his community; it gives students a chance to find new interests and also develop people skills. First, students will be able to be helpful and benefit their community.

Leave behind a work sublime, that will outlive you and time. This quot; is the perfect motto for Service Learning. As in the quot;, service Learning gives students the opportunity to, leave behind work sublime, that will outlive you and time. Others might enjoy doing Service Learning work for the community and decide to make volunteer work apart of their everyday lives. On the hand, students might chose to do Service Learning in their major that they are studying and decide that is not the right area of interest. I have a can-do-attitude, but her task was so difficult for me to complete. After working for several hours, I was so bored, but I did not give up; I still persevered. Service Learning Project By Felix Martins July 6, 2011 July 8, 2011 Prior Knowledge: My First Service Learning Project Life is all about experiences, some astonishing and wondrous encounters, some not, and most fall in-between peoples daily lives on earth.