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Move right: Tab or the, right Arrow key. Move left: Shift Tab or the Left Arrow key. Move down: the Down Arrow key. Move up: the Up Arrow key. To select multiple fields in the same column, hold Shift and press the Down Arrow or the Up Arrow key. We will begin the correction process as soon as payment is received. Your work will be corrected quickly, reliably and in accordance with academic standards. We use track changes in the review mode so that the changes are transparent and straightforward, and we add suggestions or questions as comments. Note: Depending on the browser you are using, you may use different key combinations to edit certain field values. For example, to edit a choice list using Chrome, press the Spacebar.

Multiple records: edit more than one record at the same time using the list editor or an editing form. To edit a record in a list using quick edit functions, right-click a field and select the appropriate function: Assign to me: for records that use assignments, adds the logged in user's name into the. Selected fields are highlighted in blue. To edit multiple records in a list using an editing form (administrators and users with the list_updater role Select the records to edit in one of the following ways: Select the check boxes in the record rows.

To select multiple non-consecutive fields, press Shift and click in one of the desired fields, then hold Shift Ctrl ( Shift Command on Mac and click in the desired fields. Open the list editor by double-clicking (or clicking, depending on setup) in an empty area of the field.

You must have rights to edit all dependent fields to use the list editor. Enter the appropriate values and click, save ( or click, cancel ( ) to retain the original value.

The row is saved only when you navigate away from the row or click the Save ( ) button beside the row. Press Ctrl Enter. If the list is configured to save immediately, the new value is saved.