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Honors, the National Science Foundation is an independent Federal agency that supports fundamental research and education across all fields of science and engineering. NSF's Web site will show you the cutting edge of science and engineering research. These chemistry lecture notes include the entire curriculum that is normally covered in high school chemistry and the first two semesters of college chemistry.  I hope you will use these notes for chemistry help and for developing a better understanding of general chemistry concepts. 

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ChemTutor Excalibur is an awesome chemistry tutorial software package that makes chemistry easier and more fun to learn, and it provides excellent chemistry help.  The tutorials in ChemTutor Excalibur teach chemistry using a unique approach that students appreciate and enjoy. 

Helpful websites to help you study Organic Chemistry: (brought to you by our experienced tutors the favorite online resource (of our tutors) for organic chem is the Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Dr.

All hard copy materials distributed under this exception must have on every page distributed reference to m as source. Under the same exception granted to classroom teachers, full recognition of Chemtutor must be given when all or any part is included in any other electronic representation, such as a web site, whether by direct inclusion or by hyperlink. We are over half finished with the primary chemistry program. Pretty is not our aim, but we think there is a lot of useful information here. If you like what you see here, use it, tell your friends, and especially tell your chemistry instructor. Chemtutor is not necessarily a complete text for your course or a complete outline, but we are proud to offer some insightful help in the parts of primary chemistry that have been, from our experience, the hardest for students to grasp.