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Well, it is true, but that gun makes it a lot easier. There are a couple bare minimums, which you should already meet. You need to know basic algebraic expressions and notation, and the common computer equivalents. Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a WikiWord (eg JoeBloggs) option txtUserName option chkSaveBackups SaveBackups option chkAutoSave AutoSave option chkRegExpSearch RegExpSearch option chkCaseSensitiveSearch CaseSensitiveSearch option chkAnimate EnableAnimations, also see AdvancedOptions!- div class'header' role'banner' macro'gradient vert ColorPalette:PrimaryLight ColorPalette:PrimaryMid' div class'headerShadow' span class'siteTitle' refresh'content' tiddler'SiteTitle' /span nbsp; span class'siteSubtitle' refresh'content' tiddler'SiteSubtitle' /span /div div class'headerForeground' span class'siteTitle' refresh'content' tiddler'SiteTitle'. Do not base this decision on math, but rather, the ability to think logically and learn. Those are what is important; math is just the by-product.

How does it know 'a' is less than 'b'?) You are going to find that as a programmer, your general knowledge base is going to explode, because each project will necessitate more learning outside of the direct sphere of programming. WizardStepDone background:ColorPalette:TertiaryLight;.wizardFooter background:ColorPalette:PrimaryPale;.wizardFooter.status background:ColorPalette:PrimaryDark; color:ColorPalette:Background;.wizard.button color:ColorPalette:Foreground; background:ColorPalette:SecondaryLight; border: 1px solid; border-color:ColorPalette:SecondaryPale ColorPalette:SecondaryDark ColorPalette:SecondaryDark ColorPalette:SecondaryPale;.wizard.button:hover color:ColorPalette:Foreground; background:ColorPalette:Background;.wizard.button:active color:ColorPalette:Background; background:ColorPalette:Foreground; border: 1px solid; border-color:ColorPalette:PrimaryDark ColorPalette:PrimaryPale ColorPalette:PrimaryPale ColorPalette:PrimaryDark;.wizard.notChanged background:transparent;.wizard.changedLocally background 80ff80;.wizard.changedServer background 8080ff;.wizard.changedBoth background ff8080;.wizard.notFound background ffff80;.wizard.putToServer background ff80ff;.wizard.gotFromServer background 80ffff; #messageArea border:1px solid ColorPalette:SecondaryMid; background:ColorPalette:SecondaryLight; color:ColorPalette:Foreground; #messageArea.button color:ColorPalette:PrimaryMid; background:ColorPalette:SecondaryPale; border:none;.popupTiddler background:ColorPalette:TertiaryPale; border:2px solid ColorPalette:TertiaryMid;.popup background:ColorPalette:TertiaryPale; color:ColorPalette:TertiaryDark; border-left:1px solid ColorPalette:TertiaryMid; border-top:1px solid ColorPalette:TertiaryMid;. Often times, certain domains need, or can benefit from, knowledge you'd think is unrelated. For example, if you were programming audio software, you actually need to know trigonometry to deal with waveforms. Conversely, some people don't 'get' art. They should not become painters. Also, there have been students in CS curriculum who cannot figure out why this does not work: x z w; z 3; y 5; It's not that they don't understand addition, it's that they aren't grasping the requirement of unambiguous express.

I've been programming for 8 years professionally, and since I was 12 as a hobby. Math is not necessary, logic is. Math is horribly helpful though, to say it's not necessary is like saying that to kill a man, a gun isn't necessary, you can use a knife.