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You will see the following dialog. Change the TargetReportFolder value to something you wish and provide the TargetServerURL as http yourserver/reportserver (not just /report!). Press save. Now right-click on the solution again and select Deploy. 4. Design your report. You can add elements to the report surface, by right clicking on the center surface and select them from the insert menu. The most important are Header, Footer and Table. Choosing and installing SQL Server Reporting Services (ssrs) is only the first step in satisfying the bevy of report consumers in your organization. Now, you need to produce dazzling reports that use advanced features for displaying data in the myriad ways users wantand still get your other work done. Some facts: SQL Server Reporting Services were great in the past. Ssrs 2008 are better. Msdn is great. Msdn has lots of details. Sometimes its too much if you are under pressure.

Here are some tips and tricks for efficiently creating valuable, flexible reports that perform well, plus a sampling of some third-party tools you can use to extend ssrs's functionality. Creating a Report Template, when you create a series of reports, you'll inevitably find report items that are common to all the reports, such as the report header, an image, a. Talking about tools, there are three you should know of: RSConfigTool (Start menu SQL Server 2008 Configuration Reporting Services Configuration What do I need it for: Troubleshooting, Finding Urls, Configuration Report Server. Right-click on the SQL Server Agent and press Start. Technorati Tags: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Like this: Like, loading. Related. Click preview to get a glimpse at what your boss might get. 5. Now lets deploy it to the report server. First we must set the report server url. Right-click on the solution in the Solution Explorer and click on Properties.