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That if I ever told anyone what happened the same thing would happen to me! Now do you see why I didnt want to come here? Tracy sobbed Oh Trac! I m so sorry.

Levine. Also, if you join the Writers Union you can get your contracts reviewed by them. Be tenacious, Be persistent, outlast and outlive your critics. Dig deep and do the best writing you can. We ended up here I remember that I was so scared that I started crying And Billys friend kept telling him to keep me quite, or the mad man that lives out here. So many people ask me about how to become an author that Ive made a special new resource section for you. Click Aprils Store to go to the store, which lists great writing books I recommend. Wed like for you to follow us down by the lake, and take part in a very eerie show. That the spirits of Crystal Lake have put together And as everyone started to head out towards the lake. Oww! Dammit Em! You just scared the hell out of me! Tracy yelled rubbing her finger. Sorry are you okay? Emily asked trying not to laugh Oh yah sure, thanks, and by the way its a new habit of mines. Ive heard this is a great book that lets out lots of the secrets that have taken most of us published writers years to learn. These books are listed in Aprils Store.