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Example question: A place can appear to be very different if you visit it at different times of year. Choose a place that you know well and describe it at two different times of year for a travel website.

AQA produced eight bullet points to explain to markers what is meant by this. They include: Engages the reader with more detailed descriptive ideas, writes in a register which is clearly appropriate for the audience. Image caption, teachers have rejected Ofqual's claim 'over-marking' caused the exam fiasco. Question: How do you mark a subjective question in an objective manner? It is a task faced by teachers and moderators of gcse English papers every year.

"But there's nothing new about marking a piece of creative work. There was a failure to moderate properly he added. Julia Burns, head teacher of Leicester High School for Girls, agrees it is wrong to blame teachers. Controlled assessments are graded by teachers using a mark scheme prepared by the principal examiner and a panel of subject teachers, who set out "the kind of answers anticipated". A "degree of subjectivity" is used in the marking of creative pieces - however a moderation process is intended to ensure fairness. According to the accompanying marking scheme, students were required to show two key skills: communication through clarity of thought and effective organisation of ideas. To attain the highest possible grade (a C-grade on the foundation tier) students had to acquire between eight and 10 marks by writing "clearly" and "with success". This question was taken from the AQA exam board's January 2011 higher tier gcse exam on understanding and producing non-fiction texts. The marking guidance is similar, however to achieve top marks, students must communicate their ideas in a "convincing" and "compelling" manner.