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Masked youths threw petrol bombs, broke shop windows and shouted 'Murderers' and 'Burn the parliament in a sign of swelling public anger at the government's plans for painful wage and pension cutbacks.

'Murder A medic prepares to remove the body of a woman who perished in the bank fire today. Anarchy: Demonstrators wearing gas masks and bike crash helmets throw stones at police in central Athens today. Public and private sector unions concede that the cash-strapped government was forced to slash spending, including cutting salaries and pensions for civil servants, and increase consumer taxes, to secure the vital 110billion euro (94 billion) three-year loan package from European partners and the International Monetary Fund. European Commissioner Olli Rehn warned that the UKs very high public debt presents by far the first and foremost challenge to the winner of tomorrow's general election. And David Cameron today claimed that Britain must elect a Conservative government tomorrow.

'Nothing less than the future of Europe, and with that the future of Germany in Europe, is at stake she said. 'We are at a fork in the road.' Flights to and from Greece were grounded today, trains and ferries suspended their routes and public services were paralysed.

A demonstrator wearing a gas mask hurls projectiles at police during the violence today But they say low-income Greeks will suffer disproportionately from the measures, which aim to save 30billion euro (25 billion) - the country's current budget deficit - through until 2012. The decision to contribute to the bailout may cost Merkel in regional elections this weekend. No to austerity: Protesters clash with riot police yesterday as bout 4,000 teachers and students marched to Parliament to protest the cuts The head of the International Monetary Fund acknowledged the risk of the debt crisis spreading from Greece to other European countries but said. European countries continued. Moody's warning over Portugal was just one factor that sent the markets plunging. As Spain denied that it will need to an aid package similar to Greece to avoid a sovereign debt default the ftse 100 fell by nearly 1pc to below 5,400.