Thesis statement for the pearl by john steinbeck -

Thesis on the pearl by John Steinbeck - m

All he wants is money. The responsible character of Kino, the more practical one of Juana and the evil of the doctor makes this book interesting. The writer creates deeply developed characters, and a good book should have good characters." I hope this helps. When Coyotito shakes the rope of the hanging box, the scorpion falls, lands on his shoulder, and stings him. Kino immediately seizes the creature and crushes it in his grasp, beating it to death on the floor for good measure. This emphasizes Kino love for his family because instead of thinking about ways he could spend the pearl on himself he thinks of his family, and he can now afford to buy what he lays his eyes on.

Everyones true colors shined threw once Kino established an unrestricted fortune. The power of the pearl brings Kino and his family hope, and a better tomorrow. My son will read and open books and my son will write and will know writing. Juana is a character who is very down to earth. She loves her family and respects her husband. For example "When Kino finished his breakfast, Juana come back to the fire and ate her breakfast." (Insert your citation here she is satisfied with the way they are living and she is going along with Kino's dream.

A ray of light shines on Coyotitos hanging box, revealing a scorpion crawling down the rope toward the child. Terrified, Juana recites a charm and a prayer to protect Coyotito, while Kino moves forward to capture the scorpion. Juana prepares breakfast. In the company of a goat and a dog, Kino stares with the detachment of God at a group of industrious ants underfoot. Behind him, Kino hears Juana singing and nursing Coyotito.