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Javascript - Why is document. Write considered a "bad practice"?

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Write or.innerhtml. Lisp is ideal in this sense, but you can do very cool stuff also in JS, and many people are doing that, like m/).

One can think of document. Write (and.innerhtml) as evaluating a source code string. This can be very handy for many applications. For example if you get html code as a string from some source, it is handy to just "evaluate" it. In the context of Lisp, DOM manipulation would be like manipulating a list structure, e.g. Create the list (orange) by doing: (cons 'orange and document. Write would be like evaluating a string, e.g. This means you can build up a list structure using the "DOM style rather than the "string style and then run that code, e.g. Like this: (eval cons 'orange if you implement coding tools, like simple live editors, it is very handy to have the ability to quickly evaluate a string, for example using document. Create a list by evaluating a source code string like this: (eval-string \ cons 'orange \ lisp also has the very useful ability to create code using list manipulation (like using the "DOM style" to create a JS parse tree). 2 In the second paragraph of "The Tell-Tale Heart Poe establishes the young man's obsession with that blind eye when he writes: "He had the eye of the vulture-a pale blue eye, with a film over it." 3 This "vulture eye" is evoked over and over again in the story until the reader becomes as obsessed with it as does. 3 Poe writes: "So I opened it the lantern opening-you cannot imagine how stealthily, stealthily-until, at length, a single dim ray, like the thread of the spider, shot from out the crevice and fell full upon the vulture eye." 4 By using the metaphor of the thread of the spider (which we all know is a creepy creature) and the.