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Our adult uniforms including medical, spa and chef offer a wide variety of name brands such as Cherokee, Barco, Five Star, Jockey, Greys Anatomy, Peaches, LIttmann, Dickies, Meta Lab Coats, Code Happy and E. 7. To alleviate (an illness, etc) 8. ( tr ) to serve (a customer can I help you, madam?. 9. A. To serve (someone with food, etc) (usually in the phrase help oneself may I help you to some more vegetables?

4. To promote or contribute to: to help the relief operations. 5. To cause improvement in (a situation, person, etc crying won't help. 6. ( tr; preceded by can, could, etc; usually used with a negative ) a.

I couldn't help teasing him a little. Be Careful! Don't use a to -infinitive after cannot help. Don't say, for example, ' I couldn't help to tease him a little '. B. To give material or financial aid to: help the homeless. C. To wait on, as in a store or restaurant: Please help the customer in aisle 20. 2. A. To contribute to the effectiveness or improvement of (something improve or advance: tax breaks to help create jobs; new ways to help the environment; a remark that didn't help the. You select the items to be featured, we set up the page. Need some assistance with a group order, custom logo, sizing, color matching or catalogs? Were here to help. We are open from 8-5 Central Time, Monday through Friday at or e-mail us at. Help (hlp) v. Helped, helping, helps v. Tr. 1. A. To give assistance to (someone make it easier for (someone) to do something; aid: She helped me with my project. I helped her find her book. Checkout offers several payment options including credit card, Checkout by Amazon and PayPal. Our medical accessory collection includes Littman stethoscopes, Prestige Medical blood pressure cuffs, Nurse Mates ultimate nursing bags, Cherokee watches and lanyards and so much more.