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Studies have also found that students' writing skills and attitude towards writing improve when they have their writing read aloud back to them (Central Washington University, Technology for Learning Disabilities Project).

Read Write Text to Speech Supports: Microsoft Word Read Write gold can read Microsoft Word by word, sentence, paragraph or continuously. With the seamless integration with Microsoft Word, users can stay within their commonly used program while utilizing the reading and writing supports found in Read Write. You can provide evidences to validate your points. Moreover, encourage audience participation in the conversation in order to make it more effective. 4. Express your views in a coherent manner so that the audience wont get confused. Please assist with a few facts and the years that the problems are expected to materialize in. For example: in 42 years time the Artic ocean will no longer have any ice due to global warming. 5. Close your speech by taking some important suggestions from the audience. 6. Last but not the least, say thanks to the audience at the end of the speech. Best Results From, yahoo Answers Youtube, from Yahoo Answers, question: Well I have to write a 5 min speech about anything. I'm leaning towards the topic of how the game of life is for redheads (easy to BS since i am a redhead). How do i go about writing a speech. What is better notecards or an outline? 3. Demonstrative: Demonstrative speech is mainly delivered in school assemblies in order to instruct students about some informative activities. For e.g. Instructing students about the benefits of time management. 4. Entertaining: This form of speech is primarily delivered with a purpose to amuse the audience. Speech writing can be categorized into four important parts including informative, persuasive, demonstrative and entertaining. All forms of speeches are explained in detail manner underneath. 1. Informative: This form of speech aims to inform the audience about important facts.