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I was able to pay for school as well as save some money. The big lesson I learned was in scaling this process and finding the right kind of people to hire. It seemed that there were either magazine-quality writers that wanted a ton of money, or non-native english speakers that just didnt have the needed quality. I quickly sent him an email asking him if hed be interested in doing some writing for me. I wrote up some documentation for him with tips about writing for the web as well as some external links for him to read and had him do a few more articles. The Nuts and Bolts, now, lets talk about how I was able to find the writers, and how I managed them. Finding the Right People, as Anand mentioned in his post, you can make more money faster if youre willing to hire appropriately. Once I received emails from students, I would have them send me a couple sample articles about topics I gave them and would hire the ones that showed promise. As I scaled up, I actually promoted my first friend to an editor position and had all of the new hires send articles to him directly for revision before I sent.

I personally think this is an awesome trend and Ive been seeing some really great content coming out all over the Internet. However, it can be difficult to really scale up this type of operation while still being able to make some money. This freed up a lot of my time and allowed me to simply be more of an agent. I just had to find clients and send the information on to my editor, who would divvy the assignments out to the writers. He just wanted to write for people on his own schedule while working from home. I thought about this for a second, and then thought back to a few of the Internet marketing forums that I frequented and how people were always looking for quality content at an affordable price.