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Preview your individual stories before saving and powering it up with real data. From this: To this: Effectively communicating your efforts is an easy step to skip after all of the data you just collected and aggregated but arguably the most important when youre looking for that additional marketing budget, quantifying your campaigns or simply informing.

With the addition of the Custom Report Builder, Google Sheets charts and graphs can be updated with the latest data from ProsperWorks with just one click. Set up a report once and never have to spend time copy-and-pasting new data or updating columns and rows. Zero Input systems. Today, ProsperWorks is releasing a new tool that gives you even greater access and ability to leverage that data the. ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder. The concept behind the Custom Report Builder is simple: Export any data set from ProsperWorks directly to.

Lets look at a common use case for the Custom Report Builder: a sales performance dashboard. Just setup the Custom Report Builder to import your ProsperWorks CRM data. Then click refresh whenever you want the latest results. If you joined ProsperWorks before today, click here to install, and if you are new to ProsperWorks, it comes automatically installed! Internally at ProsperWorks, we created a new Custom Report to track our daily sales numbers; what kinds of reports are you going to create? 1-Column Story Sizes 2-Column, story Sizes 3-Column Story Sizes 4-Column Story Sizes, arrange and resize the stories to emphasize the narrative of a particular report. We recommending using the smaller 1-column story sizes at the top with your preferred KPIs (key performance indicators) and more detailed stories below.

Measurefuls new Report Builder tool puts the power of design and customization into every marketers hands.