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Good luck for a good year and a good high school search. Judy, update October 19, 2013 : The State Education Department has just proposed that 8th graders who take Regents Algebra skip the 8th-grade state math test.

Is there any way my daughter can still take the Regents without being in a Regents Class? It is my understanding that some NYC schools allow Level 2 students to take the Regents. You should speak with the assistant principal of math, or whomever oversees the math department, as well as the principal. Ask them how they arrived at the policy and did they use it fairly in relation to your daughter. Try to persuade the school to allow her to take a Regents-level algebra class. If that doesn't work, and if you think your daughter will be able to pass the Regents, and do well, without being in the Regents class, you can request that she take the exam when the time comes. Lots of Regents prep and study with her twin could prepare her. However, the school does not have to comply. Chances are the assignment to algebra had to do with too many eligible kids, so the school arbitrarily cut off enrollment. In the meantime, the task of applying to high school is now at hand and the lack of Regents algebra won't affect her application. The applications are due well before the Regents are taken7th-grade grades and scores apply. Here's a link to the researchat Brookings, a public policy organization: : In a previous post I pointed out that taking the Regents in 8th grade is a mixed bag, with downsides, if your child is not prepared.

How does all of that help my daughter if I have to explain to her that she did great yet she doesn't deserve to take the class? Proud Father of Twins, dear Dad: It is up to each school to decide who will be assigned to a Regents class and who will not.