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Below is given a website which will help candidates grasp on Direct/Indirect speech:. Book for English precise and composition. Where have you been? She asked her husband where he had been. When will they come? He asked when they would come. What were you doing? He asked Anna what she had been doing. Indirect speech help needed. Passage help very/much(adverb). Learn all about English adverbs in this amusing story.

I play football every day. He said he played football every day. I do my homework every day. He said he did his homework every day. Julia has a new job. She said she could play a piano. Might might Guests might come. I might meet him. It might rain. He said that guest might come. Anna said she might meet him.

He said he would play football. I am going to play football. He said he was going to play football. I can play football. He said he could play football. I may play football. MAY might I may buy a computer. She said, He may visit a doctor. They may go to zoo. He said that he might buy a computer. She said he might visit a doctor.