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They get paid by the hour; the client pays the agency, and the agency pays the writers. I know writers making 75,000 or 80,000 a year working like this, often several years for the same client. It's just a matter of keeping track of your hours for a while. I used to keep a log of every hour I worked on a project. When I sat down at my computer, I started my stopwatch; when I got up - to go for lunch, to see who was at the door, or to go to the bathroom. To get to the higher rates takes more effort, but the potential is there if you want to reach for it. There's one danger. As one freelance writer, who had scriptwriting aspirations, told me: "The money is seductive. Either they are self-employed, or they work for a technical consulting firm and are given specific short-term or recurring assignments, such as writing about a new product or coordinating the work and communication among different offices to keep a project on track. Technical writers often work with computer hardware engineers, scientists, computer support specialists, and software developers to manage the flow of information among project workgroups during development and testing. Therefore, technical writers must be able to understand complex information and communicate the information to people with diverse professional backgrounds.

Employment growth will be driven by the continuing expansion of scientific and technical products and by growth in Web-based product support. Job opportunities, especially for applicants with technical skills, are expected to be good. Technical Writers Median annual wages, May 2012 Technical writers Media and communication workers Total, all occupations The median annual wage for technical writers was 65,500 in May 2012. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less.