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Your university will provide me with the supportive family I need to face the world without armor.". I hope you have enjoyed my example of a winning college essay. Good luck writing your own! Everyones had to overcome adversity in her life. Only Ive conquered mine with a hat. Theres this hat I have. Its a bucket hat, a creamy brown corduroy. Its my shield from the world and the opening to my mind. However, at State University, I began to feel that the school is personal and dedicated to holistic education. The professors seem encouraging and stimulating; the students are all very outgoing and friendly. Example of a winning college essay, it took time and many drafts, but eventually my college application essay came together. The most challenging part of the essay was saying all that I could and getting my point across in one page. With the hat wrapping my head, I feel insightful, confident, and comfortable with myself. Thats the thing I tend to struggle with, feeling like I belong with the rest of the crowd. While I appear to be comfortable in groups, on the inside, Im in a panic. When I wear my hat out, I feel invisible to criticisms and superior enough to think my own thoughts, untouched by others opinions.

An easy way to capture the attention of the recruiter reviewing your essay is to open your essay with an intriguing sentence, and to reveal yourself and why you fit with the school youre applying to.