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How to create a custom paper size in Windows 7 or Windows

Its located in the print driver that is automatically installed when you installed your printer. The print driver can be accessed just before you send the document to print. Below, you will find step by step instructions on exactly how to access your print driver and input custom paper dimensions. Creating a custom paper size in 8500 A910 printer - HP Support Forum.

In Windows, the print driver interface is dependent on the printer manufacturers software, so we cannot give word-for-word instructions. Set Custom Dimensions, click Paper Size dropdown, click Manage Custom Sizes, click to add size.

Please be aware it is not enough to simply choose from one of the pre-defined paper sizes in the printer driver. Often, the paper size youre printing is not shown among the common paper sizes and unless custom paper dimensions are entered, the printing will not be correct. In rare cases, you will not be able to enter a custom sizea limitation of the particular printer and the print driver. In this case, consult with your printers manufacturer. PC Instructions, access the Print Driver, click File Print Properties, mac Instructions. Custom paper size printing - HP Support Forum. Enter custom paper size width height, this entry was posted in Other Print FAQs. Bookmark the permalink. By default, your printer assumes 8 1/2 x 11 size paper is in its tray. You must communicate otherwise for your non-standard size paper to print correctly. Where does this communication take place?