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Entry Level Writing Requirement

" "Show how Molire exploits comic patterns in a scene from Tartuffe." None of these assignments implies a main point or claim that you can directly import into your paper. You can't just claim that "honor does play a role in The Odyssey " or that "Molire does exploit comic patterns in Tartuffe." After all, if the instructor has asked. We conclude with some strategies for drafting and revising, especially revising, because the most productive work on a paper begins after you have gotten your ideas out of the warm and cozy incubator of your own mind and into the cold light of day. What do you understand by causes? Are we talking primarily about long-term, structural factors that caused problems, or about precipitants that led to a breakdown of the existing situation? These issues need discussing explicitly, out-in-the-open.

The Revolution is thus presented and studied as a dynamic, changing process, which requires different explanations at particular stages. Historiography, a key feature of university work is that you need to address explicitly the degree to which historians hold different views, and why, and to show that you understand that these views change, and can locate your own essay in. At this point, some students ask why they should be required to convince anyone of anything. "After all they say, "we are all entitled to our opinions, so all we should have to do is express them clearly.

But universities hold as their highest value not just the pursuit of new knowledge and better understanding, but the sharing of that knowledge. We write not only to state what we have think but also to show why others might agree with it and why it matters.

Start by looking carefully at the words of the assignment. If it is phrased in any of these ways, one crucial part of your task has been done for you: "Agree or disagree: 'Freud misunderstood the feminine mind when he wrote.