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Term papers, powerPoint presentations, article critiques, dissertations, what our readers think, josh (TX I have been looking for a resource to help me write my essay and I found it! Maria (Sweden I was totally stuck with my research project till I bumped into this blog. Here are some tips on writing the ideal Why I want to be a nurse essay. What makes a good nurse? If you know the answer, if you can list the qualities which every good nurse possesses and you can explain those in your essay then you are doing yourself a big favor. This may depend on the type of nurse you want to review or educational requirements as a whole. Maybe you feel there are certain areas a nurse should get more training in or you feel they should less than the usual. The nursing profession involves a combination of academic knowledge, interpersonal traits and psychological skills. Nurses affect the outcome of a patient during and after hospitalization. Nurses have an impact in the outcome of the patient at all stages of the nursing care; assessment, nursing diagnosis and management of the problem. The following ideas may lead to something more solid to suit personal interests. Nursing and its role in the health care profession. Do you feel it is more or less significant than a doctors role?

There are new drugs and new procedures being developed all the time. Make it personal, don't be afraid to list the characteristics of a good nurse and how, in your life to date, you have displayed some or many of those characteristics.

This is an important topic. If you genuinely have your heart set on becoming a nurse, then writing an essay with such a title can mean the difference between getting into nursing school or not.